Frequently Asked Questions

Questions we get asked regularly

Do I need to take my computer to you for it to be fixed?

No. We can come to you, or we can collect your PC or laptop and return it to you once it’s sorted.

Do I need to bring everything if I take my computer to you?

No, just bring the computer not the bits that plug into it. If you have a laptop please bring the power supply.

What areas do you cover?

We cover Everton, Sandy, Biggleswade, Beeston and the surrounding villages, and Hertfordshire as far South as Stevenage.  We can also provide remote help wherever you are.

I’m at work all week and can’t get to you until after 6pm.

No problem. We are open 8am – 8pm during the week and 8am – 12pm on Saturday. If you need to drop off or collect outside these times we can arrange this too.

Do you fix printers?

If a printer has lost connection to your computer then we can fix it, but if there is a hardware fault then no. Generally as they are so cheap to buy they are not economical to repair.

Do you fix phones and tablets?

No, but we work with a company who does so can pass on their details.

Do you build websites?

No, but we work with a few local companies who are experts in this area. Get in touch and we’ll work out who may suit you best.

Still have questions?

Please get in touch.

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